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Payment option shoppers love,
Add Buy now, pay later at checkout

Give your customers the financial freedom they deserve by
letting them pay later, while you get paid in full upfront.
It’s a win-win.

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Customer loves the flexibility of paying later. In turn, Eazr's partner merchant enjoys higher AOV, more repeat purchases and immediate payment.

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Make payment seamless

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Online or in-store, Eazr means more flexibility higher conversion at checkout.

Put your customers first


Interest-free credit with plans with no hard credit check or impact credit.

You take on zero risk


You get paid today. Your customers enjoy credit and pay over time.

Track business progress


Easily manage orders & reconciliation in the merchant portal.

Effortless integration. Plug-in ready.

We love to explore new ways to engage with brands and reach

Getting up and running with Eazr is hassle-free. We’re staffed and skilled to quickly integrate with your store. With quick API integrations from our partner platforms.


Let's build a Stronger and Smarter India
Eazr focuses on Health & Education as it's core.


Mera India, Fit India.

Now Pay later at Pharmacies, Doctors, Weight Loss, Fitness Gurus, Diagnostic Labs & more...


Abb Sikhega India.

Pay Fees, Take Courses, Learn Skills, Buy Books & more...

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